Back Pain and Aromatherapy

back pain

The best form of treatment for back pain is prevention. Regular massage with essential oils and baths will prevent pain by reducing stress, improving muscle tone, relaxing tight muscles and improving the general level of wellbeing.

Causes of back pain:

Dysfunction of the intervertebral joints of the spine due to injury.back pain
Spondylitis (synonymous with osteoarthritis and degenerative back disease).
Poor posture and muscle tone.
Arthritis and osteoporosis.
Lack of exercise or overtraining.
Improper footwear and walking habits.
Improper lifting.
Obesity and sedentary lifestyle.
Calcium deficiency.
Slouching when sitting.
Sleeping on the mattress that is too soft.

Back pain is the total suffering of a person in the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects. Aromatherapy addresses all of the above.

Aromatherapy Treatment for Back Pain.

back pain

Massage with Essential Oils – Massage can be a valuable way of re-educating tense muscles, relieving pain, swelling, reducing inflammation and stress levels.

Compresses – Cold/Hot. Cold compresses may be used to relieve tiredness due to overwork or stress, and to alleviate acute pain. Hot compresses are often used to reduce pain of a chronic nature.

Baths – This is a very effective method because the essential oils are absorbed into the skin. A soothing warm bath with essential oils is just the thing to relax tight, tense muscles in the shoulders and upper back.

Benefits of Aromatherapy in reducing Back Pain.

Aromatherapy can help alleviate the symptoms of back pain in a number of ways:

  • Relax the muscles which in turn reduces the stimulation of pain centres.
  • Reduce mental/emotional stress ( mood is lifted leading to a reduced perception of pain).
  • Encourage blood flow around the body, providing the muscles with nutrients and oxygen.
  • Aid in the maintenance of healthy muscles.
  • Relieve local inflammation.
  • Speed recovery from muscle injury.

Therapeutic Effect of Essential Oils.back pain

Analgesic. It relieves or diminishes pain.
Rubefacient. It warms and increases blood flow.
Anti-inflammatory. It alleviates inflammation.
Antispasmodic. It prevents and eases spasms.
Detoxifying. It cleanse and purifies the bloodstream.

Essential oils for Back Pain.

Essential oils: Battaglia (2003) recommends Blacj pepper, Cajeput, Cinnamon bark, Clove bud, German Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Ginger, Juniper berry, Lemon, Sweet marjoram, Nutmeg, Peppermint, Pine, Rosemary, Thyme. Others : Vetiver, Sweet orange, Frankincense, Benzoin.

Carrier oils : Arnica infused oil, St John’s Wort.


Aromatherapy Oil Blend for Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Blend
2 drops Spike Lavender
2 drops Sweet marjoram
2 drop Black pepper
in 10ml of carrier oil
(avoid if you have hypotension)

Backache Blend
2 drops Ginger
2 drops Cajeput
2 drops Lemon
in 10ml of carrier oil

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