Dry Skin, Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

dry skin and essential oils

Essential oils and aromatherapy are particularly valuable for skin conditions because they can address the problem on a variety of levels.

Dry skin is the result of sebaceous gland underactivity (not producing enough oil). The lack of oil diminishes the skin’s ability to retain moisture since oil in the skin acts as a barrier against moisture loss. Dry skin also tends to be dehydrated.
The skin prone to drying is tight, itchy and rough. It tends to be thin, fine, delicate and very sensitive. Neglected, becomes cracked and chapped. In this case, you should avoid products containing detergents, parabens and reach for moisturizing, soothing and nourishing herbs and essential oils. Dry skin needs extra hydration, lubrication and protection. They can be added to creams, masks, tonic water, lotions, ointments, body scrubs, carrier oils.

Aromatherapy formulations are often complex combinations of different types of essential oils that offer the benefits of both synergy and balance, so that the final product is potent and highly effective without damaging side effects.

Essential oils: Battaglia (2003) recommends German and Roman chamomile, Geranium, Jasmine absolute, Lavender, Neroli, Palmarosa, Rose absolute or Otto, Rosewood, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang for dry skin. Others : Vetiver, Sweet orange, Frankincense, Benzoin.
Carrier oils : Choose from base oils that are best for dry skin – rich in vitamins and nourishing Avocado, Evening Primrose, Jojoba, Apricot Kernel, Sweet Almond, Rosehip, Macademia, Argan, Sesame, Sea Buckthorn, Baobab, Calendula . Carrier oils promote skin’s ability to retain moisture, enhance elasticity and healthy skin cells growth.
Hydrosols: Rose, Lavender, Geranium, Frankincense, Sweet orange, Neroli, Ylang Ylang.

If you wish to improve appearance and heath of your skin, you must care for it every day, from the inside and outside out. Improvement is rarely dramatic and treatment needs to be continued for several months. But it is worth it!

The Best Essential Oils To Use For Dry Skin.

♥ Rose Excellent emollient, softening and hydrating properties accompFace serumanied by its stimulating and antiseptic qualities, make it ideal for all skin types, especially for mature, dry or sensitive skin. It has a tonic and astingent effect on capillaries, can be used for the treatment of broken capillaries, redness and inflammation of the skin. Rose is effective in all levels of life, for the soul, mind and body.

♥ Palmarosa It has an excellent antiseptic and hydrating property, helpful for dry, undernurished skin conditions. It has a calming yet uplifting effect on emotions.

♥ Rose Geranium This uplifting oil has a great all-over balancing effect and this extends to the skin – where it helps to create balance between oily and dry skin. The action of Geranium oil on the nervous system is calming and uplifting.

♥ Vetiver It assists in strengthening the body’s connective tissue. It is beneficial for weak, loose or fatiqued skin. It is relaxing and beneficial for anyone experiencing stress, anxiety, insomnia or depression. It is recommended for physical and emotional burnout.

♥ Sweet orange It has an excellent antiseptic and hydrating property, helpful for dry, undernurished skin conditions. It has a calming yet uplifting effect on emotions.Face serum

♥ Sandalwood Soothing, cooling and moiturising and primarily used for dry skin conditions caused by los sof moisture and skin inflammation. It may be used to relieve eczema and psorisis.

♥ Lavender  Promotes the growth of healthy new skin, is soothing and healing on the skin. It has been found to be effective for the treatment of eczema and psorisis. Has a harmonizing effect on the nervous system.

 Frankincense Antiseptic, astringent, cicatricant, cytophylactic, vulnerary therapeutic properties Recommended for dry, and mature skin, scars, wounds and wrinkles. Played a very importnant role in the religious and domestic lives of ancient Egypt, Persian, Hebrwe, Greek and Roman civilisations. Considered as an important ingredient in cosmetics, as an aromatic incense and in religious rituals.

♥ Helichrysum It is reputed to have anti-inflammatory properties and is recommended for dry skin, eczema and allergies. It is liquid gold face serumrecommended where there is inflamed tissue which needs to be calmed down and regenerated. Bacause of its anti-inflammatory properties it heals and soothes inflamed and sensitive skin. It helps to prevent wrinkles and sagging. It heals blemishes, helps take care of dark circles under your eyes. Helichrysum is moisturizing, and will help prevent dryness.

♥ Ylang Ylang Recommended for dry skin, beneficial in softening and balancing the moisture in the skin. Renowed as an anti-depressant and is particularly beneficial for treating nervous depression, feeling of anger, rage and frustration.

♥ Neroli Eliminates stretch marks on the skin. Rejuvenates, revitalizes dry, tired skin, smoothes wrinkles. Eliminates skin liquid gold face serumirritation, stress spots. Prevents fine vascular pattern and rosacea. Promotes regeneration and rapid growth of healthy skin cells. Eliminates eczema, acne and herpes rash. Strengthens the hair, increasing their elasticity. An aphrodisiac. An antidepressant. Enhances “the lightness of being”.

♥ Benzoin The combination of benzoin’s balsamic and wound healing properties make it indicated for chapped skin, chilblains, frostbite and cuts. Made into an oinment or balm, benzoin is excellent for protectng the skin against cold, wet weather conditions. Rich and sweet aroma softens the mind’s ‘sharp edges’ and gently ‘grounds’ awerness.

♥ Roman chamomile It is considered as one of the gentlest of essential oils and is particularly beneficial for treating children. It is important for the treatment of eczema and dry, itchy conditions. The sweet scent of Roman chamomile is soothing and calming. It can be used in treating colic, dyspepsia and indigestion. It may be used to alleviate the pain associated with teething infants.

We choose essential oils for dry skin based on their ability to:

  • Calendula lotion barRegulate sebum production (skin oils)
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Eliminate waste
  • Reduce the likelihood of wrinkles developing
  • Promote new skin-cell growth
  • Anti-aging oils
  • Skin rejuvenators
  • Moisturise & hydrate

Dry Skin Elixir

Moisturizing serum for dry and sensitive skin. Oil of sandalwood have regenerating anti-inflammatory properties, while Rosehip oil is rich in beneficial fatty acids necessary for the health and appearance of the skin.

dry skin and essential oils

  • 3 tablespoons Jojoba oil
  • 2 tablespoons Rosehip oil
  • 2 tablespoons of Apricot kernel oil
  • 4 drops of Palmarosa oil
  • 3 drops of Roman chamomile oil
  • 3 drops of Sandalwood

1. In a small amber glass bottle mix all the oils, then add the essential oils.
2. Shake before use. Use daily.
You can use other essential oils that are appropriate for dry skin.

Dry Skin Nourishing Mask

Mask moisturizing skin and protecting it from the harmful effects of sun rays, wind, and air conditioning.

  • 1 teaspoon Honey
  • 1 teaspoon Avocado oil (Persea americana)
  • 1 teaspoon Evening Primrose oil (Oenothera biennis)
  • 2 drops Sandalwood oil (you can use Amyris balsamifera or Santalum spicatum)
  • 2 drops Lavender oil (Pelargonium graveolens)
  • 1 teaspoon of Rose Petal Powder
  • 1 tabespoon Rose Hydrosol (Rosa demascena)
  • 1 teaspoon Glycerin
  • 1 tablespoon Oat Flour
  • 1 tablespoon Aloe Vera Powder (Aloe barbadensis)
  • Few drops Vitamin E

1. Mix dry and wet ingredients until you acheive right consistency of the paste.
2. Apply a thick layer of mask on clean, dry skin of the face and neck. Leave on your face for 10 minutes and then wash off with warm water. Then apply your favorite moisturizing cream.

Itchy Dry Skin Remedy

  • 1-3 drops essential oil
  • 1 tablespoon carrier oil of your choice

Add 3 drops of any essential oil appropriate for dry skin to 1 tablespoon of carrier oil. Apply to the affected area up to three times a day, and monitor the itching and inflammation.
If case you have sensitive and very dry skin, use 1 drop of essential oil to avoid skin sensitivity.

Dry Skin Face Mistdry skin and essential oils

It is particularly helpful by aiding in the re-absorption and balancing of the skin’s oil – sebum.


  • 100ml Hydrosol of your choice
  • 1 tablespoon Glycerin
  • 2-4 drops Essential Oils of your choice


Combine ingredients in a dark, 100ml glass spray bottle. Spray onto dry skin day and night, use as a toner or make-up remover.

Dry Skin Healing Bathdry skin healing bath

20gr Oat Powder
50ml Hydrosol of your choice
2 tablespoon Glycerin
2 tablespoon Apricot Kernel oil
4 drops Essential oils of your choice
Rose Petals, Chamomile Petals, and/or Lavender Flowers – Extremely relaxing and calming – perfect for dry or irritated skin (infuse dried herbs before adding it to your bath)

Combine wet ingredients. Then mix oat powder with some water to make oat milk. Combine all the ingredients and add it to your bath. Soak in a warm water for 20 minutes. Rinse your skin. Do not use soap.

General advice

Drink water daily. It will hydrate the skin from the inside.

Use cold or lukewarm water to wash your face. Hot water dries the skin further.

Perform regular massage using essential oils. This will stimulate the secretion of sebum in the skin and improve blood circulation. Regular massage improve the whole health of the dry skin. Oppression should be gentle, to prevent skin irritation.

Eat foods abundant in healthy fats (saturated, omega-3) and trace nutrients (B vitamins, Vitamin A, K2).

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