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joint muscle relief bath salts

Arnica & Turmeric
with Vitamins & Essential oil


Joint & Muscle Relief Bath Salts bring natural relief for rheumatic and muscular pain and stiffness, backache, fibrositis, sprains and minor sports injuries. Helps to promote circulation and stimulate warmth. Helps to restore tired and aching muscles.

Ingredients: Sweet orange* (Citrus sinensis), German chamomile* (Matricaria chamomila), True lavender (Lavandula spica), Juniper berry* (Juniperus communis), Vetiver* (Vetiveria zizanoides), Ginger* (Zingiber officinale), Turmeric* (Curcuma longa), Arnica infused oil (Arnica Montana), St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum), Apricot kernel oil (Prunus armeniaca), Vitamin E

*Organic ingredients


Turmetic Some turmeric oils are 60-65% alpha-curcumene (a Sesquiterpene hydrocarbon). This is also the main constituent in turmeric root which gives turmeric its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-rheumatic properties. Turmeric oil has been found useful for arthritis and joint care. It also helps in muscle pain.

Blue chamomile Chamomile contains Azulene which is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Blue Chamomile is a soothing oil promoting relaxation, patience, peace and allaying worries. Blue Chamomile is soothing to the skin and useful in blends to improve elasticity.

Juniper berry It is known for its diuretic and lymphatic decongestant properties. Beneficial for cellulite and rheumatic conditions.

Vetiver A mild rubefacient therefore can be used for arthritis, rheumatism and muscular pain.

Ginger Effective in relieving muscle aches, poor circulation. Massage with Ginger oil  on affected joints, ligaments, and muscles will substantially ease the pain associated with arthritis as well as the pain that develops from ligament and muscle sprains.

Lemon Relieves pain and inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis.

Spike lavender Excellent anti-inflammatory and efficient painkiller in cases of rheumatism.

 Arnica infused oil Rubefacient, anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties of Arnica montana are

utilized for bruises, muscle pain, sprains and strains, rheumatoid arthritis. An excellent oil for massaging into the affected area bringing warmth and relief of pain and to help prevent stiffening.

Apricot Kernel oil Highly nutritious, being a good source of trace minerals and rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. Excellent emollient, easily absorbed into the skin.

St. John’s Wort The anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antiseptic properties of St. John’s Wort essential oil makes it an ideal remedy for treating muscular pains, bruises, sores, sprains, tennis elbow, stiff achy joints, varicose veins and burns.

♥ Epsom salts  Salts easily absorbed through the skin where they immediately go to work inside our bodies. The magnesium ions break apart from Epsom salt molecules and begin to relieve stress by promoting the production of serotonin and reducing the effects of adrenaline. Magnesium also plays a critical role in the production of energy in cells, helping us to feel invigorated without causing feelings of restlessness or anxiety. Epsom salts work to relieve muscle tension, pain, and inflammation in joints. It aids in many enzymatic functions, helps to regulate fluid retention in cells, and facilitates the body’s use of calcium to transmit chemical signals throughout the nervous system. Epsom salts may help to improve circulation and prevent serious cardiovascular illness by decreasing inflammation and protecting the elasticity of arteries.Epsom salts can be used to alleviate the soreness from sprains and bruises.

How To Use

  1. Add 3/4 cap of Joint & Muscle Relief Bath Salts to warm bath water.  2. Enjoy bath for 15-20 minutes. (Maintain water temperature at 97o – 100o F

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