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Healing Prayers

These are powerful prayers/poems that can help us open our hearts and minds in times of suffering, and invite peace and healing to guide us through difficult times. Prayers help to quiet and focus the agitated mind. By silencing inner noise, prayers bring us into the presence of moment. They are a warming invitation to practice the virtues of acceptance and compassion, of love and action.

There are moments when wellness escapes us,
moments when pain and suffering
are not dim possibilities
but all too agonizing realities.
At such moments we must open ourselves to healing.

Much we can do for ourselves;
and what we can do
we must do-

no less than illness,
is participatory.

But even when we do all we can do
there is
often ,
still much left to be done.
And so we turn as well to our healers
seeking their skill to aid in our struggle for wellness.

But even when they do all they can do
there is
still much left to be done.
And so we turn to Life,
to the vast Power of Being that animates the universe
as the ocean animates the wave,
seeking to let go of that which blocks our healing.

Art by

Art by

May those
whose lives are gripped in the palm of suffering
even now
to the Wonder of Life.
May they let go of the hurt
and Meet the True Self beyond pain,
the Uncarved Block
that is our joyous Unity with Holiness.

May they discover through pain and torment
the strength to live with grace and humor.
May they discover through doubt and anguish
the strength to live with dignity and holiness.
May they discover through suffering and fear
the strength to move toward healing.

~ Rabbi Rami M. Shapiro


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Wild Rose Face Mist

dry skin and essential oils

Wild Rose Face Mist
Rose & Vetiver

Balance & Hydration

Dry/Sensitive/Normal/Mature Skin

Wild Rose Face Mist enhances skin elasticity, balances moisture content and makes skin feel smooth, soft, firm and supple. Handcrafted from certified floral waters and essential oils. This results in firmer, smoother, and more youthful skin with greater elasticity.

Ingredients: Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia)*, Palmarosa essential oil (Cymbopogon martini)*, Vetiver essential oil (Vetiveria zizanoides)*, Ylang Ylang essential oil* (Cananga odorata), Rose Geranium essential oil* (Pelargoniom glaveolens), Rose Geranium Floral water, Rose Floral water, Lavender Floral water*, Glycerin.

*Organic ingredients


Face Mist has a beautiful, strong floral and sweet fragrance. It helps bring balance and harmony with stimulating and uplifting properties that create a sense of well-being and self-confidence.


♥ Rose oil Excellent emollient, softening and hydrating properties accompFace serumanied by its stimulating and antiseptic qualities, make it ideal for all skin types, especially for mature, dry or sensitive skin. It has a tonic and astingent effect on capillaries, can be used for the treatment of broken capillaries, redness and inflammation of the skin. Rose is effective in all levels of life, for the soul, mind and body.

♥ Palmarosa essential oil It has an excellent antiseptic and hydrating property, helpful for dry, undernurished skin conditions. It has a calming yet uplifting effect on emotions.

♥ Rose Geranium essential oil This uplifting oil has a great all-over balancing effect and this extends to the skin – where it helps to create balance between oily and dry skin. The action of Geranium oil on the nervous system is calming and uplifting.

♥ Rose Geranium floral water A rich, luscious, floral, sweet fragrance  with roselike afternote. Smells remarkably similar to the essential oil. Balancing and adaptogenic for oily, dry, acneic, and sensitive skin. It is a humectant, attracting moisture to and holding it in the skin. Anti-inflammatory and very cooling, geranium calms sunburns, rash, insect bites. Effective on skin conditions with redness: broken capillaries, couperose skin, rosacea. Balancing the spirits of male and female energy on emotional level.

♥ Ylang Ylang essential oil Recommended for dry skin, beneficial in softening and balancing the moisture in the skin. Renewed as an anti-depressant and is particularly beneficial for treating nervous depression, feeling of anger, rage and frustration.

♥ Vetiver It assists in strengthening the body’s connective tissue. It is beneficial for weak, loose or fatiqued skin. It is relaxing and beneficial for anyone experiencing stress, anxiety, insomnia or depression. It is recommended for physical and emotional burnout.

♥ Lavender  oil Promotes the growth of healthy new skin, is soothing and hFace serumealing on the skin. It has been found to be effective for the treatment of eczema and psorisis. Has a harmonizing effect on the nervous system.

♥ Lavender floral water A floral, sweet scent. It has a strong, honey overtone and is deeper, more base-note-like, than the oil. The taste is very soapy. Ideal for every skin type. Famed for its regenerative effects on damaged or fragile skin. Reduces inflammation such as sunburn, heat rash, rushes, bug bites and itching. Calming and cooling to the body, mind and spirit.


How to use: Mist the face and neck throughout the day to combat excessively dry atmospheres. Add to face masks for the ultimate in luxury. Wear it as a natural perfume.

Safety! For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid if you are pregnant. Discontinue use if you have skin reaction.

Wild Rose Face Mist oil is Free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, dyes and preservatives.

Cruelty free.

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I describe and promote my products in good faith. The information provided about the beneficial properties of all of my products is derived from the use and characteristics commonly attributed to it.